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Sustainable and developed film industry

BGFI works for the development of the Bulgarian film industry through initiatives aiming at the improvement of strategies and policies in the field, the improvement of the existing infrastructure, the creation of opportunities for the development and professional realization of young talents in the film industry.

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Solutions for your organization

With our expertise, practical and academic experience in the film industry, we can help realize your film projects.


You can count on us for:

Assessment of readiness for project implementation; Preparation of staging plan, calendar-shooting plan; Drama consultation ...

Projects and Budgets

Preparation of project documentation for applying to national and international, state and public organizations in the sector.

Document preparations

Preparation of blank contracts with various holders. Preparation of blank contracts with persons involved in the process of making the film.

Our Mission

Development of the film industry in the Republic of Bulgaria

We strive to improve the conditions for creating films and other audio-visual works in our country by:

Creating and implementing sustainable policies for the sector.

Talent development and career orientation.

Establishing sustainable and effective relationships between all participants in the industry.


Our main goals

Strategies and policies

Prepare, propose and support the implementation of long-term national strategies.


Creating sustainable partnerships to support the realization of staff in the film industry.

Promoting entrepreneurship

Initiation of activities for implementation of good practices for financing the film sector.

Preservation of traditions

Preservation and development of the cultural and historical heritage in the sector of the film industry in the Republic of Bulgaria at regional, national and international level.


Promoting Bulgaria

Promoting the Republic of Bulgaria as an attractive destination for film productions, highlighting geographical, cultural and historical features.

Sustainable cooperation

Establishment of a mechanism for protection of the interests of the sector in partnership with state and public organizations.

Supporting film projects

Supporting, through consulting and / or other applicable method, Bulgarian film projects, professionals and talents in the sector.


Supporting the process of modernization of the Bulgarian film industry through the presentation of new production techniques.


Unlock the potential

Our vision is the unlocking of the potential of the Bulgarian film industry and the increase of recognizability of its products, inside and outside of Bulgaria.


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